Friday, September 23, 2011

Vodafone Romania begins Mango update at the end of September

After a short discussion on Twitter with Andrei Oltei, the Vodafone Romania Phone Product Manager i found out that the Mango update will begin at the end of September and will be on every WP7 phone by the end of October. Here is the tweet:

This is the (Google) translation:

"Me: You can tell me anything about the update to Win Phone 7.5 (Mango) to existing phones (LG Optimus 7)? When will be made ​​in Romania?
Andrei Oltei: update distributed since end of September and will be on all phones until the end of October."

Such a good news! I can't wait for this no more!


  1. I had the impression that WP7 doesn't have Romanian support, translation & keyboard.

    Can somebody ask them about that?

  2. It has Romanian support for regional data (date, time, curency, etc.) but the interface (UI, voice commands, dictionary, spelling, services, etc.) does not support the Romanian language... So, you are stuck with the English...
    Of course, Marketplace is not fully supported in Romania, you can not buy any app if your Live ID account is based in Romania - but you can buy any app if the account is on one of the supported Marketplace countries (US) but when you switch the account to other country you will lose all the apps...
    The up side is that the Marketplace is full of good FREE apps, so you have lots of apps to chose.
    Maybe one day Windows Phone will arrive in Romania also...

  3. Lets say that I can live with the English interface, but the lack of Romanian keyboard is a show stopper from my point if view.

    But seeing that the Vodafone guy doesn't use proper Romanian, you can't expect him to notice that something is missing from a phone...

  4. Yeah, no Romanian keyboard, diacritics and all...
    But i am pleased with the WP7 phone, even with the lack of proper Romanian support...